Ember Big Band poster

The Ember Big Band


Would you like to play or sing with the Ember Big Band?


We are a community band.  We often seek new players, but space can depend on a current player stepping down.  We do need to maintain a balanced line-up so maintain a waiting list.  


You should of course be interested in the big band swing and jazz style of play.  You'll be playing from charts so will need a reasonable ability to read music, although we don't expect perfect sight reading (that's why we rehearse).  As a guide we suggest you are of at least Grade 5 ability, although paper qualifications aren't needed.  We don't hold formal auditions, but will ask you to come to a couple of rehearsals to see how you fit in.  Above all you'll need a sense of humour and a willingness to blend in and harmonise, learn, adapt, and take direction from our band leader, Bill Geldard.


You'll need to be able to attend regular rehearsals.  These are on Monday evenings throughout the year at Cobham United Reformed Church Hall from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, or our open rehearsals at a pub, usually in the East Molesey, Esher area.  You should also be available to play at a few gigs, typically weekends at various times through the year.


There is a small monthly membership fee.  That covers costs such as rehearsal space and new charts.  You'll need your own transport (or find a willing sharer) for any gigs.  Unfortunately we can't pay expenses.


Still interested?  We suggest you come along and say hello at one of our upcoming events or open rehearsals.  Alternatively please use our contact form to get in touch.


And finally, we may be amateurs but strive not to be amateurish.