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EBB's Website Policies



Most websites cannot work properly without cookies.  These are small text files linked with your browser.  The Ember Big Band Website is no different.

We use the Joomla content management system.  This may place a temporary cookie in your system, which should expire when you leave our site.

We also use Breezing Forms for our contact page and ticket reservations for which a further cookie may be placed, if you are entering data into that system.

We do not use third party cookies for tracking, analytics, advertising, or similar.

Some parts of our site may link to third parties such as facebook.  We are not responsible for any cookies such third party sites may use



We value and respect your privacy.  We will never disclose any personal information (name, address, email, etc) to anyone outside of the Ember Big Band.  We will not sell such information.

Our contact page, and ticket reservation systems will request some details from you so we can identify you.  These will be held on a database, and retained for future reference.

Where you have given us your email address, and indicated your consent, we may use this for occasional electronic newsetter type mailings.  You may unsubscribe from future mailings by return email.